BAS Images goes to Owo

It was interesting to capture the funeral of the lovely Grandma Owo. I travelled up to Owo on the Tuesday (had to make the mandatory stop for Akara osu) which gave me time to see the wives come to the house to see the family and pray for a smooth passage. The next day saw the dancing in the street, walking around town till we got the old house Grandma used to live. It was a very hot day however I kept up and my choice of lens was the Canon  70 Р200mm f2.8. Its one awesome lens as I can pick people out n the crowd, also a heavy lens. I ended up with just under 1000 images. I really enjoyed my time there, meeting new people, shooting a 5 day funeral and looking forward to more jobs in Nigeria. Just been asked about a 3 day job outside Lagos.

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